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Coach Manda

Manda is also an engineer, that’s right, she is.  She graduated from North Carolina A&T State University and the University of Missouri with a BS and MS in Industrial Engineering.  You see, she is not afraid of challenges and stretching herself, and even making hard turns in life to align with the seasons God is calling her to.  Her daughter calls her the Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Engineer, which she thought had a ring to it and went well together.

Manda worked with her county Health & Human Services department in 2004 to start a health and wellness program in their local church; there her passion for health and wellness was rekindled.  Manda has always been the consummate athlete and still to this day tries out new sports and exercises not understanding the realness of “this should have been tested while younger” but she’s a trooper.

Image by Annie Spratt

Manda’s objective is to assist clients in obtaining their ultimate health journey goals both naturally and spiritually.  She believes, what individuals can’t achieve by doing the needful naturally, they can certainly obtain supernaturally, through the power of prayer and healing.  Manda is a born-again believer and has seen not only natural transformations but miraculous transformations through the power of God.

Manda has owned and operated a retail store, HealthStyle Wellness, LLC which she still offers vitamins and natural products along with healthy eating seminars to promote a healthy lifestyle. She provides individual coaching to establish a style of wellness, designed to fit your life.  Manda does not follow fads or diet programs but seeks to understand the entire individual and design plans that suit their lives while offering and exploring optimal health solutions. Say what? Yes, that is correct, together she will help discover the key to unlock YOUR health potential, which may look different from other plans; however, will work perfectly for you to achieve your goals.

Manda is also an author of the newly released book titled “Think About What You Are Thinking” where she provides insight on how to capture thoughts that are not aligned to your goals and God’s plans, and then create ways to change those thoughts.  The book encourages the reader to consider how negative damaging thoughts may be impacting their lives and provide insightful tools on how to change those thoughts.

Manda's many years of mentoring and encouraging, provide a solid core for her coaching and educating others.  She will help you navigate through the many pitfalls and hurdles of living a healthy lifestyle; and celebrate with you during large victories, while also providing praise in small milestones.  Her philosophy is “Don't Get Anxious, Get Options".  She believes there is always an option that will allow you to reach those goals and explore ways to find what's right for you.

Let Manda become your coach/trainer/mentor that will not only walk with you but will also pray you through any difficult assignment faced on this health and wellness journey.

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