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Developing A Healthy Appetite

Q&A Session from June 5, 2023. More details about the upcoming session on June 22, 2023 below.

Our next 6-Week Health & Wellness Challenge will start on Thursday, June 22, 2023, at 7:00 pm virtually. Zoom information will be sent prior to class.

  • This session will focus on developing and maintaining a healthy appetite. The appetite is a natural desire, especially for food; the desire to eat. It is an inherent craving an insatiable desire for something, especially food and other things.

  • This session will be like no other, as we dive into more in-depth knowledge of what drives us to eat, think, and do what we do as it relates to food. The sessions will walk participants through 6-weeks of wellness coaching providing weekly challenges, education, tips, support, and much more. The goal of this session is to start building a healthy lifestyle, consistency, and knowledge around food and eating and how it impacts you.

To register, go to Pricing & Plans and select the 6-Week Healthy Appetite Session.

Register early (before June 18th) and get a $25 discount using code DAHA 2023.

  • Ways to pay:

    • Credit Card via the website or

    • CashApp $ManMax7


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