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Discovering Me In 2023

Our 6-Week Health & Wellness Challenge will start on January 4 & 5, 2023. There will be 2 sessions starting:

  • New/Beginner Session - Starts, January 4, 2023

This session is designed for those that have not been to any of our wellness boot camps. It will walk new participants through 6-weeks of wellness sessions providing weekly challenges, education, tips, support, and much more. The goal of this session is to start building a healthy lifestyle, consistency, and knowledge around food and eating and how it impacts you.

  • Intermediate Session - Starts, Thursday, January 5, 2023

This session is geared toward those that have joined previous sessions and want to take the next steps in their healthy lifestyle. The intermediate participant, has been consistent and is comfortable with all the learnings from previous sessions but is looking to learn more, develop meal plans for themselves, gain more knowledge about food and its impacts as well as diving into more serious topics about acid/alkaline, food combining, etc.

These sessions are about setting the stage and designing your food plan going into 2023; discovering what works for you as you either are starting your journey or are building on what you've learned in previous sessions.

To register, go to Pricing & Plans and select either 6-Week New/Beginner or 6-Week Intermediate Session. Register early (before December 20th) and get a $25 discount using code DMIN2023.

More information will be posted as the session approaches.


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