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Immune Booster Drink Recipe

Immune Booster Drink Recipe

Take this at the first sign of sickness whether there is a tickle in your throat, you feel run down, or you go through a stressful event, that’s when you take this drink

In a 16 oz mason jar, keep in the refrigerator, and blend these ingredients. It will get more potent over time and will last a while

· Garlic (15 cloves)

· Ginger (1/4 cup) - shred with a grater

· Turmeric (1 tbsp.)

· Apple Cider vinegar (4 oz)

· Lemon – whole lemon with the peels and everything

· Manuka honey (1/4 cup)

· Add 1 oz of extra virgin olive oil

· Add 1 cup of water

· Blend for 1-2 minutes

Pour into 16 oz. Mason jar and finish off with water until you’re about ½ an inch from the top. DO NOT fill it completely

Seal the jar completely tight and put it in the refrigerator

You can start using it immediately but just realize the longer it’s in the fridge, the better it’s going to work as far as the potency goes

At the first sign of sickness, you’re going to take a shot (1-2 oz) of this drink and an additional 4 shots spread out throughout the day.


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