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This book is a must-read.  If you are struggling to organize and take charge of your thoughts, this book is for you.  It provides tools and insight to help you win the battle in your mind.


Do you want to take charge of your thoughts and tell your mind how to think? Yes, it may seem impossible to comprehend that you can control what goes in and out of your mind; however, it is true.  The question is, how often do you think about what you are thinking?


Do you stop and consider your thoughts and what is consuming your mind?  Many do not.


One day, as I was casually moving through my day, I felt somewhat heavy, as if there was a burden I was carrying.  I could not shake the feeling until it was almost the end of the day.  I finally asked myself what was going on and why I was feeling this way.  I started tracing back in my mind how my day started and began to walk through everything I had done until then.  I finally got to a place earlier in my day where I had received a phone call from a friend.  They had shared some heavy things with me.  Ah, that conversation was my culprit. Thinking about the conversation with my friend, I knew that was the burden I felt the entire day.  It was like a light bulb came on in my mind.  I asked myself, why am I carrying this? Why am I allowing this to burden my thoughts and how I felt?  Once the epiphany came, I was able to change my thoughts and the burden and heaviness lifted.


At that moment, it was clear I should start thinking about what I thought.  As I was walking through the conversation with my friend, it struck me that their situation was not my burden to carry.  We don’t give enough thought to what we are thinking.  We allow our thoughts to run away with negative, faulty, or depressive thinking that hampers our outlook on life and future goals.


This book will provide tools to help you capture, improve, and take control of your thought life, especially when those thoughts do not align with your goals and where you want to be. 


Get your copy today!

Think About What You Are Thinking (Workbook & Book)

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  • As you read the book, Think About What You Are Thinking, the companion workbook/journal will reinforce the tools described in the book. The workbook/journal will keep you focused, allow you to set goals, and encourage you to take action. It will be an invaluable tool to help you revisit what you learned and serve as a reminder of ways you can change your thought life.

    Allow the companion guide to be a part of your collection and begin to think about what you are thinking to a more fulfilled and happy space.

    An insightful read that will challenge you to take a moment and see what's on your mind.  Many today allow their minds to take them to places, do things and say things unchecked.  You can think yourself into loneliness, sadness, and despair but take charge of your mind and bring those thoughts captive.  Toss out negative images and notions you've allowed to run your lives for years.

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