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Our Inspiration and "Feature" of the 42 in 2022 Challenge

This young lady "Nina" slew all obstacles when she accepted the challenge of a detox regime that I offer. She was diligent, committed, and most of all eager to see results. The detox (7 Day Full Body Total Cleanse Detox) along with the LifePak Nano vitamins and a nice little "Recommended" shopping list as a companion guide to "successful results" for the journey. This was the core for her 7 days.

During the process, she stayed with the plan, committed to the challenge, and lost almost 20 pounds. Now, this was nothing short of a miracle because I do not boast those types of results! I typically see benefits and at least 3-10 pounds during the 7 detox but NEVER 20, but Nina is certainly a special lady! This was in 2017 and Nina is still on her wellness journey and healthy lifestyle.

The pictures below show before and after results.


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